Saturday, 21 July 2012

The neverending LBD refashion

I think I have made this refashion overly-complicated and too ambitious for my sewing skills - oh well.  So the question is when will I ever finish my attempt to turn an M&S skirt (see this post:) from this (excuse the terrible photo):

To this (I like a challenge) or something vaguely inspired by the beautiful Audrey:

Progress so far.  Firstly I used the bodice and neckline of Colette Patterns Chantilly for the top as the circular neckline reminds me of the Hepburn dress:

I made an effort to be a proper seamstress and made a muslin:

I learnt to underline ( thanks to Julia Bobbin) here:

It is almost finished but (even with the muslin) there are some fitting issues I need to address on the bodice and the improvised scallop hem of the underpinning needs sewing. 

Next time I attempt a scallop hem I will use this technique (which I discovered on Hettersonjournal Pinterest ).  I only discovered it after I had cut my cloth (oops).  Almost finished ... just need to remove some of the excess around the bust - I really will feel a sense of achievement when I get to wear this out!

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