Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pretty pockets and more ...

Thinking about details and decoration - I  bought this sundress from Camden Passage and I love the embroidered pockets with piping:

My summer dress getting some real sun in Venice:

I love the daisies and forget-me-knots embroidered on this table cloth I bought at a car boot sale - I would like to copy them and add them as a detail on a navy dress collar.  Or on the accent o rthe pockets of a  Roobois dress:

There are some inspiring ideas here on the Coletterie Blog.  I love this collar tutorial on Elegant Musings - cant wait to have a go myself.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The neverending LBD refashion

I think I have made this refashion overly-complicated and too ambitious for my sewing skills - oh well.  So the question is when will I ever finish my attempt to turn an M&S skirt (see this post:) from this (excuse the terrible photo):

To this (I like a challenge) or something vaguely inspired by the beautiful Audrey:

Progress so far.  Firstly I used the bodice and neckline of Colette Patterns Chantilly for the top as the circular neckline reminds me of the Hepburn dress:

I made an effort to be a proper seamstress and made a muslin:

I learnt to underline ( thanks to Julia Bobbin) here:

It is almost finished but (even with the muslin) there are some fitting issues I need to address on the bodice and the improvised scallop hem of the underpinning needs sewing. 

Next time I attempt a scallop hem I will use this technique (which I discovered on Hettersonjournal Pinterest ).  I only discovered it after I had cut my cloth (oops).  Almost finished ... just need to remove some of the excess around the bust - I really will feel a sense of achievement when I get to wear this out!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bout de Souffle

I love Jean Seaberg in Jean Luc Goddard's 'Bout de Souffle' and whilst googling my style crushes I found this picture:

Now I REALLY want to make this dress - so I am on a mission to find the fabric and a pattern - rummaging through my vintage patterns - maybe I can adapt one of these? 

Not sure where to find the thick fabric though .. I love Rolls & Rems on 21 Seven Sisters Road, Islington
London, N7 6AN (telephone: 020 7263 3272) it's a bit chaotic but piled high with fabric and bargains:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

(Slightly bodged) beautiful Beignet skirt

After messing up the sizing/fitting I have finally finished my Beignet (I skipped the belt hoops and belt as I like the cleaner lines and if I'm honest I had run out of steam on this). I really love the end result even if it is a little bodged - the red linen remnant only cost £2 so it is a bargain.  I have to admit the colour inspiration came from Tilly & the Buttons - I love her red one and the whole 60s movie star thing she has going on in this picture:

It got my mind wandering off and google-imaging all my 60s style crushes - Audrey, Bridget:

And of course the gorgeous Jean Seaberg - I really want to make this dress for our non-existent summer - need to find a good pattern:

So now thanks to Tilly and some google wandering - there will always be something about my bodged Beignet which will transport me out of rainy, grey summer-less London to sunny Rome in a black and white 1960s movie - all I need now is a head scarf, stripey breton top and cats eye sunglasses...