Saturday, 15 June 2013

Developing the discipline to actually FINISH things or put more positively time to get sewing (again)

Summer again and my Dorset rose is finally happy and blooming, it smells so good.  I can't believe it is almost a year since I have posted anything.  

Well I really want to get sewing again.  I haven't stopped reading blogs and dreaming about what I will make but other parts of my life have somehow got in my way.  I have a pile of unfinished items so my first thing is to finish them off - it's a bit of character weakness but I love, love, love starting things and I am not so good at completing them.

My UFOs (UnFinished Objects) include:

1. Iris shorts from Colette Patterns in neon check - all cut out and just need sewing up - have been on the pile of shame since last summer

2. Rooibos Dress - another project from the amazing Colette Patterns  - almost complete and includes my first attempt at french seams - just need to attach the zip:

3. My beautiful denim wraparound skirt which is all sewn up and I just need to finish the waistband.  I hit a block because I didn't have enough of the fabulous reversible denim/star fabric:

 which I bought in Tokoyo (more of that later) so I have come up with another solution but I haven't finished it yet:

 this skirt was based on a pattern my lovely daughter Kitty bought  at a car boot sale in Devon last summer:

and I was inspired to make it when I saw Tilly and the Button's wonderful Miette pattern:

which you can download here.  I couldn't justify buying the Miette when I had such a similar pattern in my collection but I really want to support her pattern making as I am a big fan.  I love Tilly's patterns and I bought her Mathilde blouse which I can't wait to make once I have cleared the UFO pile. 

4. Need to finish my Sencha blouse Collette Patterns (again) think I'm a bit obsessed I just love the clothes and the patterns are super easy to follow - heming and attaching a collar:

Finally I haven't been wearing my denim ginger I made last year and there was a flaw in the front seam so I decided to refashion it and make it a straight/pencil skirt.  This is my worst offender in the unfinished category - it is all sew up and I just need to tie up the loose thread - I mean really giving up so close to the finish line -where is my willpower!!  

These UFOs could be my  entire summer wardrobe but I do need to complete them before summer is over and  I am dying to start a number of new projects: Bombshell swimming costume, Mathilde blouse, Kelly skirt    and the list goes on ....